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Realtor® Group Health

Realtor® Group Health

Being a Real Estate agent is like being a business. As a matter of fact, you ARE a business! You work hard to cover your clients with good, sound advice. Now it’s time for you to be covered, too! That’s sound advice, and you’ve come to the right place to get it done.

Now you have access to affordable Health Insurance.

Individual Health Insurance has become extremely expensive unless you qualify for a Tax Credit toward your monthly premium. (Click here for more information on that option) If you have medical coverage through a spouse or family member’s employer plan, you most likely are paying the full premium cost, which can also be very pricey.

We have an option for you, and it’s a really good one! It’s what we refer to as Realtor® Group Health.
 Because Real Estate agents are typically working as independent agents, they aren’t eligible to participate in the company group health policy of the firm they are contracted with. Therefore they are left to seek coverage with an individual policy, or through a family member’s employer coverage.

Family Member’s Policy

Did you know that most insurance carriers offer over 35 plans to choose from?
When you obtain health coverage through a family member’s employer plan, you lose the freedom to choose your level of coverage. Most insurance carriers have over 35 different group plans to choose from and multiple networks. This allows you to dial in the precise type and level of coverage, which can actually save several hundred dollars per year!  

Example: Your spouse’s employer offers a Gold plan, but you have good health and want to choose a less expensive Bronze plan.

Individual Policy

Individual Policy can average over 50% more than a Realtor® Group Health Policy. That should get your attention.

Unless you qualify for an Advanced Premium Tax Credit, the typical monthly premium will run over 50% more than a Realtor® Group Health monthly premium for the same person. 

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Ali G

I don't know what I would've done without your help, thank you for what you do!

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...a true professional and extremely knowledgeable.

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I've never been so pleased with service as I have had with David and Spirit FCI

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David has built a great team of experts.

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