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We thought you should know who we are, what we're made of, and what motivates us to serve you. That's the purpose of this page.


Our company was founded on a sense of Spirit. An idea that we serve a purpose. More than just a company that properly matches people with a product, we look for a way to impact people's lives in a positive way. We believe this process starts before you have the need to use the products we make available. 

David Harder


Many times, it is through adversity that we become aware of our purpose and develop a vision to accomplish that purpose. For me, that purpose became clear through my own personal illness, and my need to have access to the right doctors and health care. In the midst of a critical illness, the thoughts of how my family would survive in my absence became a dire concern. Would my son have the opportunity to attend college? How would my family overcome personal debt? How long could they sustain their lifestyle? 


In October of 2001, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and doctors gave me less than 5% chance of survival. I endured Chemotherapy, Radiation, a stomach feeding tube for almost 9 months, and I lost over 50 pounds.


I am very blessed, and do not take survival for granted. I see every day as an opportunity to live life to the fullest. However, I also realize the importance of good health insurance, the value of income replacement during a major illness or debilitating accident, and I realize the importance of planning for the future of my family through the thoughtful and loving decision to buy life insurance before adverse health conditions prohibits that possibility. 


This experience was the genesis of my motivation for establishing Spirit Financial Concepts. To serve others by bringing about awareness of properly insuring themselves and their families, against financial risk that we all face during adverse circumstances. It is important to balance coverage and the monthly cost of insurance. Whether it be Health Insurance or Income Replacement Insurance during a debilitating accident or illness, or Life Insurance to protect your family and loved ones in the event of the loss of life, we are here to develop the coverage that is right for your specific circumstances.

Insurance policies serve as your individual protection. We carefully consider which insurance coverage options suits your individual needs and design coverage customized specifically for you. We want you to get you the best coverage at the lowest rates possible. And because we represent most all major "A Rated" companies, we aren't obligated to only one company. With the right policy and a secure future on the horizon, you can get back to living for the moment!

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