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The shaky economy has demonstrated how precarious a family's finances can be. According to a recent study, Americans are more concerned with being able to pay their mortgage and other bills today than they were a year ago. Many say they could not be able to last a month without the breadwinner's salary.


Now more than ever, it is vital that consumers protect their financial security. Life insurance has been providing this kind of protection to Americans for more than 200 years.

Individual Life Insurance

How Much, and What Kind of Life Insurance Do You Need . . . . .

There are many different types of life insurance. Whether it's term, universal life, return-of-premium, annual renewal, graded premium, variable, indexed, . . . . You get the idea. The obvious question is, what kind of life insurance is best for you, and exactly how much life insurance do you need?


That's why you need the expertise of a life insurance specialist, and Anchor Tulsa is here for you. We'll start by doing a fact-finding interview that is concise, determines your specific needs, and we'll help you find the options that will give you the reassurance of knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of, without over insuring.




Some of the typical things that you should consider when determining the proper amount of life insurance, are the following:


  • Children or Grandchildren / College Expenses
  • Estate Planning - Tax Leverage
  • Mortgage Balance & Real Estate Balances
  • Personal Loans, Business Loans, and Other Credit Obligations
  • Spouse Living Expenses, Income Replacement, and Well-Being
  • Funeral, Burial, and Final Expenses
  • Hospital & Medical Bills (That are not covered by medical insurance)
  • Attorney Fees, Court Costs
  • Inheritance Taxes


This is exactly why we're here for you. This is our expertise. These are life-changing considerations, that have life-changing consequences. Don't leave these things to inexperience. Your family is depending on you.

Change Has A Ripple Affect

Life can change at the drop of a hat, and those changes effect many aspects of our lives, especially our finances. A variety of factors can affect you financially, without you even realizing it. The list begins - but certainly doesn't end - with life events such as:


  • Marriage
  • Birth or Adoption
  • Purchase of a New Home
  • Receiving an Inheritance
  • Beginning a New Job
  • Increased / Decreased Debt Load


Because change is constant, it's natural to forget about the impact these things can have on our long term financial strategy. That's why annual financial reviews are important. A thorough review of your life insurance policies may reveal a need for change in coverage, but it may reveal opportunities for cost savings.


That's why we offer complimentary reviews of all your life insurance policies. Call us today and schedule a no-obligation consultation of your current life insurance policies.

For a detailed analysis of all your "Individual Life Insurance" needs, please contact our specialists today for a non-binding consultation.


Contact us by phone, or use our online contact form.

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Wealth Transfer & Estate Planning

Don't let the government be the biggest heir to your estate. In addition to nearly half of your legacy being extracted for estate taxes, additional taxes may apply, such as the generation-skipping tax if you leave assets to your grandchildren.


Our trained estate planning experts can guide you through the available options that can reduce estate taxes, without reducing the size of your estate, once it has been passed to your heirs.


Another aspect to consider is annual estate taxes that can burden your heirs in the coming years, as they adjust to managing the estate. Rather than selling assets to meet tax obligations, we can help you understand the economics of life insurance, thereby keeping your assets and estate intact. How, you may ask? Through an "Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust". Often, the premium payments are only 2-5% of total estate tax per year.


For a detailed analysis of your most efficient transfer of wealth and estate planning, please contact us today for a non-binding consultation with one of our specialists.


We also consult on the following types of coverage:

  • Final Expense Insurance - Final Expense plans should never be tied to any single funeral home, or cemetary plot. Needs & living locations can change based on the final days of a loved one's life. Keep your options open with a cash benefit., and make sure your family is left with more than memories.
  • Disability Income - What would happen if, overnight, you were to lose your greatest asset. Your ability to earn an income.
  • Medicare Suplement Coverage - Did you know that even though you have Medicare Part A and Part B, you are still responsible for annual deductibles and 20% co-insurance on most of your medical treatment? This is where a Medicare Supplement comes in.
  • Dental Plans - No networks. No waiting periods. Starting at $15.50 per month.

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