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Individual Health Insurance

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The leading cause of bankruptcy, home foreclosure, and loss of business, is the absence of health insurance, improper coverage, or a policy with limited benefits. Whether you're a business owner, someone whose employer doesn't offer health insurance, you've had a difficult time finding affordable health insurance, or you have health problems that have prevented you from getting coverage, we've got you covered.

Health Care Reform

Are you getting all the advantages of the new Health Care Reform? If you haven't updated your policy recently, chances are, you're not. For instance, did you know that you can be getting annual wellness checks for free? This includes things such as Mammograms, pap-smears, PSA screening, lab work, bone density screening, and much more.


Give us a call to see if you are getting everything you could be getting. Let your policy work for you!

Since we are an insurance “broker” we aren’t contractually beholden to promote one particular health insurance company. For our clients, this means choices.


Choices provide savings.

We have plans with doctor office co-pays, prescription co-pays, and annual wellness checks. And there are many ways to insulate you from high deductibles.


We invite you to explore our comprehensive consulting services and get to know our competent and friendly staff.


*** In every situation, we're here for you. ***

Dental and Vision

Dental and vision benefits are no longer options of group coverage only. We now offer dental and vision on most all of our individual health policies. Regular dentist and vision check-ups are vital to your overall health picture. Through the latest technology, dentists and optometrists can play a huge role in early detection of several major health issues such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even brain tumors. Overlooking regular dental and vision check-ups can be fundamentally disastrous.

Deductible Coverage

The annual deductible you choose has a large impact in determining your monthly premium. Typically, the higher your annual deductible, the lower your monthly premium. But there are many ways to insulate you from a higher deductible.


That's where the expertise of Spirit Financial Concepts comes in. Our health insurance consultants can custom design a policy that fits your particular situation and needs. We don't generically quote health insurance. We analyze the specific health needs of you and your family, your financial risk, as well as your budget goals.

Tax Savings

There are also ways to save money on your health insurance costs, by using tax-saving vehicles like an HSA Account. This is a wonderful way for individuals and families to save a substantial amount of money each year. What's more, is that with the proper guidance, it's simple and easy to do.


Let Spirit Financial Concepts show you how you can save thousands of dollars with an HSA eligible health insurance plan, coupled with an HSA account.

For a detailed analysis of all your "Individual Health Insurance" needs, please contact our specialists today for a free and non-binding consultation.


Contact us by phone, or use our online Contact Form.

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