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Individual / Family - Health Insurance Quotes

You can use the links below as a convenient way to access Healthcare Reform Compliant health insurance plans for individuals, and family's. Listed, are most of the "A" rated, true Major-Medical insurance companies that are available in Oklahoma.


Keep in mind, if you do not qualify for a premium subsidy because your income is above the Healthcare Reform Subsidy Guidelines, you can save a lot of time and effort, by simply clicking on one of the convenient links below, running your quotes, and clicking the "Apply" button to complete an application. Your application will be instantly approved, and your coverage will begin on your chosen effective date. It's that easy!


If you do feel as though you qualify for a premium subsidy, you can still use the links below, to see your quotes, then contact an Spirit Financial Concepts health insurance specialist, to help you complete everything required to receive your subsidy, and get your coverage in place!


Feel free to give us a call to answer any questions you may have. We're here for you, and our services have no impact on your cost of health insurance!



It is vitally important that your doctor and chosen hospitals, are in the same network, that is included with the health insurance plan you choose. By doing so, you will keep your healthcare costs to a minimum. Click on the Provider Search Link, and you will be forwarded to the corresponding carrier provider search page.

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Premium Subsidy

You may have heard the term "Premium Subsidy" within the conversation of Healthcare Reform. In simple terms, a premium subsidy is a predetermined amount of money that you can receive from the Federal Government, to help pay the cost of your monthly health insurance premium. 


The amount of premium subsidy that you might receive is determined by the size of your family, and the total "Adjusted Gross Income" that you report on your Federal Tax Return. 


You also have the choice of receiving this subsidy applied each month, and paid directly to the insurance company, so that you only pay the monthly premium remaining after the subsidy is applied, or, you can also elect to pay the whole premium each month, and receive the premium subsidy that you qualify for at the end of the year, in the form of a tax credit. For many, who are not certain how much their 2014 income may be, receiving a tax credit at the end of the year might be the best option. Receiving a premium subsidy at the end of the year, can assure that you do not owe money on your taxes, because you had underestimated your annual income, and received too much premium subsidy throughout the year.


By clicking on the calculator image above, you will be directed to the Kaiser Family Foundation, premium subsidy calculator, which can help you get an understanding of how much premium subsidy you may be elgible for.

Here you can see the income guidelines based on the number of people in your household, the percentages of Federal Poverty Level (% of FPL), and the maximum amount of your annual income you will have to pay for health insurance premiums.

This chart is only meant to be used as a quick reference guideline. The actual amount of premium subsidy will be determined by during the sign up process.

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